The Thrill of Kill

Everwhere are insane people,
their advices completly equal,
in this day and age,
humans are in rage.

Global lore is what they needed,
discord is what they seeded,
just take a little look,
to sorrows that they took.

False idols are pervasive,
followers expels the native,
And those who recant gods,
now believe in spots.

That’s not enough already,
psychos stay pretty steady,
and their iffy luck,
will never really stuck.

Democracy is pure deception,
murders runs for their election,
citizens don’t see,
that they pay the fee.

Ecomomics disdain humane rules,
acting like complete fools,
and in the final end,
they miss the time they spend.

Pilgarlics constrained to contracts,
suppress the evident facts,
and hope they are the brave,
but diggin their own grave.

Madnees rules the hole globe,
fewest adumbrate the small scope,
and the consequences,
humanity in fences.

So where should flowers bloom ?
extermination comming soon ?
future is not to pan out,
a least you can only shout.

CC_BY_NC_SASpeefak | inspired by Sigrid Clip – Everybody Knows | PDF Download

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